Born in Mumbai, Chetna Sinha moved to Mhaswad as a student activist in the JP Movement.

She watched farmers move to cities during drought, leaving their wives and families.

She soon realized that the women, with the right resources, could solve the community's problems.

In 1996, Chetna Sinha launched Mann Deshi Foundation from Self-Help Groups (SHGs) of local women.

Although they were saving and acting together, the women were still unwanted at registered banks.

Kantabai Salunkhe just wanted a saving account but banks refused her: she was saving too little. So she asked Chetna Sinha for help.

By 1997 Sinha had won the right to start Mann Deshi Bank.

Over the years, Mann Deshi has won international recognition for its programs, which include e-banking, a radio station, and an MBA program.

Yet Mann Deshi is still staffed by local women, as much a people's organization as it was at its founding.