Taking customised loans helps customers improve their business and increase income.

Our loans are tailored to the specific contexts of rural women entrepreneurs. We help them assess their needs, create a repayment schedule and come to their home/shop for collections. Customers are supported by the Mann Deshi Foundation's business schools which offer access to markets and training in finance and management.

Featured Loans

Joint Liability Group Loans

Women need not have collateral or property in their name to apply for this loan. We help them form groups of 4-5 to apply for a loan together and stand as guarantors for each other. Once the loan amount is disbursed, our agents visit customers at their homes or the weekly markets to collect repayments and savings they want to deposit into their account.

Weekly Market Cash Flow Facility

This is the first-of-its-kind doorstep cash flow facility and a unique micro-enterprise loan. Thousands of women vendors across dozens of village weekly markets currently benefit from this cash flow facility to build their working capital. Given that there are 30,000 weekly markets across the country, there is tremendous potential to scale up this product.

Micro Enterprise Loans

Our micro-enterprise loan, called Unnati, is for more seasoned women entrepreneurs who are keen to significantly scale their businesses. Having successfully paid off several smaller working capital loans, they are now ready for credit lines between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs. This is a secured loan product.

Other Available Loans

Vehicle Loans

This loan scheme is to support our customers purchase vehicles.

Gold Loans

Our customers can take one-year loans against their gold ornaments.

Housing Loans

This long-term housing loan is given for upto ten years.

Medium Term Loans

This medium term loan is offered to small businesses for upto five years.

Loan Against Deposits

This loan is offered to customers against a fixed deposit they hold with us.

Cash Credit Loans

This is a line of credit that is offered to a customer’s businesses.