We are the first co-operative bank for women in rural India

We are more than just a bank, we are a community dedicated to empowering women by helping them become financially confident and independent.

Our vision is to create a supportive environment where millions of women micro-entrepreneurs can successfully grow their businesses and be valued by their families and communities.


Supporting Women

Our aim is not only to provide easy access to customised banking products and services for rural women, but also to nurture an ecosystem within which they can thrive.

Doorstep Banking

We visit our customers regularly to provide small loans, and collect repayments and deposits.

Customised Products

We design products based on our grassroots understanding of rural women’s needs. One of our first loan products was to help women buy goats and another was to design the first pension scheme for women in the informal economy. We continue to design products to suit our customers' needs.

Privacy & Financial Control

For us, access to finance is not enough. We support women control their own finances. Our financial and digital literacy programmes are designed with exactly this in mind; to increase women's financial control and privacy.

Affordable Finance

We offer a variety of affordable and flexible loan products so that women can meet their various consumption and business needs.

Non-collateral Loans

Women need not have collateral to apply for a loan. They can form a group with 4-5 other women and take a loan together.

Customer Service

Our employees belong to the communities we serve. This helps us understand our customers better, and address their every need.

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Banking for women, by women

Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank is dedicated to ensuring women entrepreneurs receive timely, affordable and customized credit. Our products are rooted in our grassroots understanding of women’s micro-businesses and specific circumstances.







SMS Banking Service

Real Time Doorstep Banking

Online money transfer

Anywhere branch banking

Cheque Clearing Service

Safe deposit locker

ATM Machines

RuPay Debit Card

Aadhar Payment Services

Mobile banking

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Business Schools for Rural Women

The Mann Deshi Foundation has 20 business schools that provide financial and business training to build practical and technical entrepreneurial skills that help women set up and expand their businesses.

Digital Literacy Bus

Our digital literacy bus visits local rural weekly markets to teach women how to benefit from cashless transactions and increase their financial control and privacy.

Community Events

We conduct monthly community meetings at rural markets and our offices to better understand how to support our rural women micro entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Advocacy for More Inclusive Banking

We regularly advocate for more inclusive finance for women. We regularly network with the financial sector and the RBI to share our learnings and experiences and to suggest more favourable policies and products. We have been at the forefront of a number of successful efforts including mainstreaming zero balance accounts and increasing the cap on collateral free loans.

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The Mann Deshi Foundation works with Mann Deshi Bank to support women entrepreneurs beyond banking.

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Stories of change

Read the stories of our customers



Vanita and her family owned a small tea stall at the market. This served as the only income for her family and her three daughters. Her husband was an alcoholic and committed suicide once their fourth daughter was born. Although she had lost her husband, she was determined to support her daughters independently. She took control of the dilapidated tea stall and reached out to Mann Deshi to provide the money needed for her business. Mann Deshi helped her prepare the loan proposal and disbursed the funds. Now she’s increased her sales from 40 cups to 70 cups a day. Her monthly income has increased from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 9,500. She’s now planning to start a vada-pav stall.



I got to know about Mann Deshi Bank’s cash credit facility through a friend who sold vegetables in the weekly market. I did my own research and found that there was money to be made in selling sprouts. Five years ago, I took my first loan of Rs 20,000. Since then I have borrowed and repaid Rs 4 lakhs. While I began by selling sprouts only in Gondhavale market, I now sell in six more weekly markets.



Savita began as a field hand. With the help of a sizeable loan from Mann Deshi, she was able to purchase the land she was working on. She raises goats and hens on her farm. She also runs multiple greenhouses that grow both flowers and vegetables that she sells depending on the season. Despite not receiving a formal education, Savita has a natural instinct for handling her finances. Along with her husband, she runs the large farm and is proud of its growing success.

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