SMS Banking Service

For every transaction a customer does, we send an SMS alert to the mobile number associated with their account.

Real Time Doorstep Banking

Our agents are equipped with the latest handheld technology to provide customers with real time banking services at their doorstep.

Online money transfer

Customers can transfer money from any bank branch to an individual with an account in any other bank through NEFT & RTGS.

Anywhere branch banking

Customers can access their account and make transactions instantly from any Mann Deshi branch.

Cheque Clearing Service

We use the Cheque Truncation System (CTS) undertaken by the Reserve bank of India to clear cheques faster.

Safe deposit locker

Our safe deposit locker service allows customers to safely secure store their valuables with the bank.

ATM Machines

Our Mhaswad and Dhayari branches have on-site ATM units. Soon these will be available at all Mann Deshi bank branches.

RuPay Debit Card

Customers get a debit card that allows them to withdraw money from ATMs and make payments to e-commerce merchants.

Aadhar Payment Services

Customers can transfer funds from their bank account by simply providing the recipients Aadhaar Number.

Mobile banking

Customers will soon get access to the same mobile app that collection agents use to manage their accounts, deposits, and loans.